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Jul 7, 2017:

8:04 PM Ticket #21506 (Client with current microdesc consensus but no descriptors chooses ...) closed by teor
fixed: Let's reopen if it happens again
6:23 PM Ticket #22857 (Orbot project box is broken on homepage) created by arthuredelstein
An unintended change was made to the torproject.org homepage that …
6:04 PM Ticket #22856 (Add a "We're hiring!" link to homepage when we are hiring) created by arthuredelstein
Right now it's pretty hard to find the jobs page. And there's nothing …
5:36 PM Ticket #22855 (SSL Auth broken in Tor Browser 7) created by bugster
After 7.0 update, authentication by imported SSL certificate has been …
5:36 PM Ticket #19546 (HTML5 youtube video save / saving BROKEN, destroyed) closed by gk
fixed: Replying to CIA_jews_negro: > That's not duplicate, it's …
5:21 PM Ticket #22709 (Tor wont start.) closed by gk
duplicate: Sounds like a duplicate of #8337.
5:03 PM Ticket #21495 (Fix scan-build warning: true and false branches are identical) closed by nickm
fixed: thanks; merging!
4:26 PM Ticket #21982 (Fix Tor Browser testsuite tests on ESR52) closed by boklm
fixed: #22854 is open for fixing the setup on our Windows test server. Other …
4:23 PM Ticket #22854 (Fix the setup of the Tor Browser testsuite on our Windows test server) created by boklm
The testsuite is currently broken on our Windows test server (at least …
3:55 PM Ticket #22853 (Something in selfrando is totally braindamaged.) closed by yawning
fixed: https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor-browser/sandboxed-tor-browser.git/com
3:50 PM Ticket #22853 (Something in selfrando is totally braindamaged.) created by yawning
Reported on the blog at: …
3:40 PM Ticket #22852 (donate.torproject.org header broken) created by steph
The header appears off, leaving a chunk of white space and hanging purple.
3:24 PM Ticket #21475 (Fuzzing on macOS requires afl-clang-fast) closed by nickm
fixed: Looks like we fixed this in f009b13029b57f9 when I added your instructions.
3:19 PM Ticket #21859 (prop224: Rendezvous circuit e2e crypto) closed by nickm
implemented: Squashed as ticket21859_032_01_squashed, then small changes added. …
2:57 PM Ticket #22838 (Backport mingw warning fix from 0.3.1.) closed by nickm
fixed: Taken in 0.2.8 and forward.
2:29 PM Ticket #22851 (Update to July GeoIP2 database) created by karsten
12:13 PM Ticket #22850 (Warning: mkdir(): File exists) created by cypherpunks
On loading …
11:54 AM Ticket #22849 (New Identity doesn't force kill window if there's a tab with a text box.) created by cypherpunks
Steps to reproduce. Open Tor Browser. Open many tabs (blog.tp, …
9:31 AM Ticket #22602 (CollecTor's relaydescs module freezes while downloading from directory ...) closed by karsten
duplicate: Looks like this is a duplicate of #20515. Closing, but referencing …
9:26 AM Ticket #19913 (prevent OOM in CollecTor) closed by karsten
fixed: Looks like we forgot to close this one. Doing this now.
9:21 AM Ticket #20517 (product default should state that the instance is a mirror) closed by karsten
wontfix: This ticket has become obsolete with merging Metrics sub sites, …
7:06 AM Ticket #14014 (Add obfs4proxy to the default tor apparmor profile) closed by weasel
fixed: don't recycle old tickets.
6:44 AM Ticket #22847 (Upgrade Tor Browser Windows builds to cygwin 2.7.0) closed by teor
invalid: Oops, the Tor bundles use mingw-64. See #22848 for the bug for that.
6:43 AM Ticket #22848 (Increase default Tor buffer sizes on Windows) created by teor
In #22798, a Windows relay operator discovered that setting […] …
5:49 AM Ticket #22847 (Upgrade Tor Browser Windows builds to cygwin 2.7.0) created by teor
cygwin 2.7.0 contains a fix that re-enables Windows automatic TCP …

Jul 6, 2017:

9:33 PM Ticket #22846 (Please don't make me click "save and publish" in order to configure my ...) created by arma
I want to make a blog post draft, but not publish it yet. That way …
9:11 PM Ticket #22845 (make new blog posts default to 'comments open', not 'comments closed') created by arma
Right now when I write a blog post, it defaults to "no comments". asn …
8:29 PM Ticket #22844 (IP leak, tor starting and stopping on its own) created by spacecat
Running Orbot on galaxy tab e Android version 6.0.1. I was …
8:19 PM Ticket #22843 (Write blog post about drawbacks of transparent Tor proxies) created by catalyst
These links often come up when people ask about "magic boxes" that run …
8:01 PM Ticket #22842 (Create a knowledge base that's more in-depth than FAQs) created by catalyst
It would be useful for visitors to our web pages to have access to …
7:45 PM Ticket #18521 (Feedback about torproject website) closed by hiro
wontfix: I do not think the website should have an online IRC client.
7:26 PM Ticket #9496 (help page verifying signatures) closed by hiro
duplicate: This is not an issue anymore. Duplicate of #3893, #10073.
7:23 PM Ticket #21158 (Tor as plain HTTP proxy (without SOCKS)) closed by cypherpunks
duplicate: Actually closing it then :)
7:07 PM Ticket #10848 (Tor should be an HTTP proxy server) closed by nickm
7:05 PM Ticket #22841 (Fix donate-amazon page on the website) created by hiro
Fix the following page on the website: …
6:54 PM Ticket #18271 (move <script> from wml files to separate js files) closed by hiro
fixed: This is now complete.
6:15 PM RustInTor edited by isis
6:08 PM RustInTor edited by isis
6:07 PM RustInTor edited by isis
5:44 PM RustInTor/Hacking edited by isis
5:42 PM Ticket #22840 (Implement protover in Rust) created by chelseakomlo
As part of the effort to move toward supporting Rust as a first-level …
5:41 PM org/teams/UxTeam edited by linda
5:41 PM RustInTor/Hacking edited by isis
Remove cypherpunks' suggestion to use an automatic C-to-Rust code … (diff)
5:28 PM Ticket #22839 (Build tor with Rust code enabled on Windows) created by isis
We should investigate building tor with ./configure --enable-rust
5:05 PM Ticket #22838 (Backport mingw warning fix from 0.3.1.) created by nickm
In 19615bce64cd381a925bc3910120ac39ca918e7c I committed a fix for …
4:40 PM Ticket #20245 (Integ tests for non-anonymous hidden services) closed by atagar
implemented: Hi Tim, sorry it's taken me so long to get to this. > Reject hidden …
3:41 PM Ticket #15005 (Integ test for hs descriptor parsing) closed by atagar
not a bug: Wait, what am I doing? We've had this test for a long time... …
2:21 PM Ticket #21015 (Tor hidden service stops working and I must change the domain) closed by nickm
user disappeared: Not enough info here to diagnose; no response to query. :(
2:15 PM Ticket #20982 (Remove trailing dot from version numbers) closed by nickm
2:13 PM Ticket #20995 (Clean up tickets with incorrect milestones) closed by nickm
wontfix: I don't think we're going to do a systematic revision of all the …
2:09 PM Ticket #21551 (Merge Metrics sub sites into main Tor Metrics website) closed by karsten
implemented: Created #22835, #22836, and #22837 for the suggestions above. Closing …
2:08 PM Ticket #22837 (Describe all protocol changes on the Onionoo page) created by karsten
From #21551: "How do we support the case of different Onionoo hosts …
2:06 PM Ticket #22836 (Parse CollecTor's index.json and provide our own directory listing) created by karsten
From #21551: "Should we let users browser CollecTor files on the Tor …
2:04 PM Ticket #20925 (Tor should handle DNSSec RR types (DS, DNSKEY, DLV, etc.) as well as MX) closed by nickm
2:04 PM Ticket #22835 (Provide schemas for Onionoo protocol and CollecTor files) created by karsten
From [https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/21551#comment:3
2:01 PM Ticket #22834 (Decide what to do with UnparseableDescriptors while synchronizing from ...) created by iwakeh
Let's find out, if a code change is needed or things are fine as they …
1:36 PM Ticket #22263 (Raise @type torperf version produced by OnionPerf from 1.0 to 1.1) closed by karsten
implemented: I just merged and deployed the remaining website changes. Closing.
1:32 PM Ticket #19648 (Error in descriptor download log message) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged to master; thank you!
1:29 PM Ticket #20488 (Nickname registration message is confusing) closed by nickm
fixed: IIUC "a going concern" is an idiom, but I guess it's not well-known …
10:16 AM Ticket #22833 (Either include or retain "fingerprint" line in bridge network statuses ...) created by karsten
#22207 adds a new "fingerprint" line which we should keep in the …
9:51 AM Ticket #22832 (libwebrtc and snowflake are not being built reproducibly (unless you ...) created by gk
I already ran into this problem when building 7.0a4 but did not have …
9:18 AM Ticket #22207 (Add bridge authority fingerprint to sanitized bridge network statuses) closed by karsten
implemented: Thanks, nickm, for merging (and correcting) the patch! And thanks, …
9:13 AM Ticket #22823 (Edit blog leading image size and alignment) closed by hiro
fixed: Leading image is now centred.
6:09 AM Ticket #22831 (Merge Snowflake for mac) created by dcf
At comment:32:ticket:19001, we have a build of webrtc and snowflake …
1:59 AM Ticket #22830 (Problems with building with --enable-rust with RUST_DEPENDENCIES) created by isis
From #22816, Chelsea and I realised that there are some problems when …
1:39 AM Ticket #22829 (Remove default obfs4 bridge riemann) created by dcf
The default bridge riemann, originally added in #18071, has been …
1:09 AM RustInTor edited by isis
1:01 AM Ticket #21732 (Stop the Meek Tor Browser opening links or documents on macOS) closed by dcf
fixed: Replying to teor: > Opening links and documents with Tor …

Jul 5, 2017:

9:35 PM Ticket #22828 (UX: RSS Feed "Edit as new Message" has still Html bar) created by cypherpunks
Torbirdy displays everything as plaintext, but if I choose to send an …
9:16 PM RustInTor edited by isis
8:14 PM Ticket #22827 (Formalise CollecTor spec for sanitised bridge descriptors and put in ...) created by isis
Perhaps we should make …
8:03 PM Ticket #22826 (Write a spec for unsanitised bridge descriptor formats) created by isis
The only places this is documented is …
7:42 PM Ticket #22652 (Adapt CollecTor to metrics-lib 1.9.0) closed by karsten
implemented: Great, thanks for checking! Pushed to master. Closing.
7:02 PM Ticket #22825 (test: Add unit tests for circuit_send_next_onion_skin()) created by dgoulet
This is a core function that has just been refactored with #22804 and …
6:29 PM doc/crashreporter edited by cypherpunks
6:27 PM Ticket #22799 (llvm.org now has HTTPS) closed by cypherpunks
fixed: Good day teor! It has been fixed and merged: …
5:46 PM Ticket #22789 (Tor crash on OpenBSD-current) closed by nickm
fixed: Thanks for the review! Merged to 0.2.4 and forward. If anybody wants …
5:17 PM Ticket #22824 (Establish guidelines for using assertions) created by catalyst
Bugs like #22789 can happen due to overuse of assertions. We should …
5:01 PM Ticket #20107 (somthings wrong about function channel_get_actual_remote_address()) closed by nickm
worksforme: Yeah -- this is rewriting stuff is _weird_, but not _wrong_.
4:49 PM Ticket #20172 (Fallback Tasks for 2016) closed by nickm
implemented: All child tickets here are closed, and 2016 is over.
4:40 PM Ticket #20028 (Fix typos in tor-spec.txt [circID -> CircID]) closed by nickm
4:00 PM Ticket #22585 (FPCentral is not working with Tor Browser 7.0) closed by boklm
fixed: Thanks. Closing this ticket.
3:59 PM Ticket #22656 (Make FPCentral recognize Tor Browser 7.0 and show "acceptable values") closed by boklm
fixed: Thanks. Closing this ticket.
3:43 PM Ticket #22535 (searching from about:tor brings me to duckduckgo but my query is discarded) closed by gk
fixed: Fixed on master with commit 32f9cf56c89ccd2e24924975dc5515e4198d28c3.
3:43 PM Ticket #21948 (Going back to about:tor page gives a "The address isn’t valid"-error) closed by gk
fixed: Fixed on master with commit 32f9cf56c89ccd2e24924975dc5515e4198d28c3.
3:39 PM Ticket #18913 (about:tor should not have chrome privileges) closed by gk
fixed: Just "eagle eyes". :) Applied to master (commit …
3:07 PM Ticket #22823 (Edit blog leading image size and alignment) created by steph
The current leading image is aligned left and is not capable of being …
3:06 PM org/operations/services/oniongit edited by hiro
3:01 PM Ticket #1667 (Give a more appropriate "I'm not an HTTP proxy" message when we get an ...) closed by nickm
implemented: I've extracted both the "not an HTTP Proxy" messages (this one and the …
2:58 PM Ticket #22822 (Cannot edit blogs) closed by hiro
fixed: I was checking CSP headers for drupal and apparently the admin …
2:40 PM Ticket #22822 (Cannot edit blogs) created by steph
The blog body editor will not load. Tommy and I have tried in Tor, …
2:37 PM Ticket #22750 (Incorrect syscall in some sandbox error messages) reopened by cypherpunks
You've added your own changes file, but the patch already includes one …
2:15 PM Ticket #15554 (Put some actual hsdescs in the unit tests for parsing) closed by nickm
implemented: squashed, added a changes file, merging. Thanks!
2:02 PM Ticket #22804 (Refactor circuit_send_next_onionskin() to be less horribly large) closed by nickm
implemented: Added a changes file and merged to master.
1:58 PM Ticket #22750 (Incorrect syscall in some sandbox error messages) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged to master; thank you!
1:49 PM Ticket #22727 (prop224: Add functions to check for HS v3 support) closed by nickm
implemented: looks fine; merging!
1:38 PM Ticket #22726 (prop224: Ignore unparseable v3 introduction points) closed by dgoulet
fixed: It is in the spec already. We just failed to put it in the code …
1:15 PM Ticket #22807 (Content Security Policy (CSP) header not implemented) closed by hiro
fixed: This is now fixed.
12:56 PM doc/crashreporter edited by nmago
12:21 PM RustInTor edited by chelseakomlo
10:43 AM Ticket #22821 (Truncated tor-browser-linux32-7.5a1_tr.mar file on mirrors) created by boklm
The file tor-browser-linux32-7.5a1_tr.mar we distribute on …
9:16 AM Ticket #22806 (http://blog.torproject.org/ should redirect to https) closed by hiro
fixed: This is now fixed.
3:04 AM Ticket #22820 (Give the Exit flag to Exits that use the secure IRC port 6697) created by teor
Igor Mitrofano suggests that the Exit flag should be given to relays …

Jul 4, 2017:

10:16 PM Ticket #22819 (Choice of compressors seems to be suboptimal) created by yurivict271
The latest tor-devel uses 2 compression libraries: zstd and lzma. …
9:19 PM Ticket #19521 (Update online source to be consistent with onine API) closed by atagar
fixed: Ick, sorry I left this broken so long. On reflection the fix is …
8:58 PM Ticket #22818 (Improve documentation for building Tor with Rust) created by chelseakomlo
We have documentation that has thus far been a work in progress at …
8:37 PM Ticket #22817 (SAFECOOKIE description in control spec does not have verifiable test ...) created by amphetamine
The SAFECOOKIE documentation in …
8:32 PM Ticket #22816 (Run tests for single Rust module) created by chelseakomlo
In Tor, we currently have the ability to run tests for a single C …
5:06 PM Ticket #22815 (Chutney tests for IPv6 only bridges) created by teor
We need an IPv6-only bridge test, so we can test #4847 and make sure …
4:57 PM Ticket #22814 (Disable clipboard.autocopy in Tor Browser) created by pqrst
On Linux Mint KDE (and possibly other distros) clicking with the mouse …
4:49 PM org/roadmaps/Tor/IPv6 edited by teor
Well, 0.2.9 was way too ambitious (diff)
3:57 PM Ticket #22813 (Multiprocess Firefox hangs! (on Windows)) created by cypherpunks
Security set to High, but during reading Wikipedia it (7.0.2) hangs …
3:50 PM Ticket #22812 (find_dl_min_and_max_delay's DL_SCHED_DETERMINISTIC case is never used) closed by teor
not a bug: Turns out these are actually used, I added comments in my #17750
2:54 PM Ticket #22812 (find_dl_min_and_max_delay's DL_SCHED_DETERMINISTIC case is never used) created by teor
find_dl_min_and_max_delay is never called with DL_SCHED_DETERMINISTIC …
2:32 PM Ticket #22811 (Upgrade libraries to new Debian stable) created by karsten
This ticket is the ExoneraTor equivalent of #22800. I'll attach a …
1:56 PM Ticket #22810 (prop224: Make the client/service extend properly to the IP/RP) created by dgoulet
For a prop224 service to extend to a rendezvous point (RP) or a client …
9:27 AM Ticket #22809 (Tor Browser does not provide red security warning for downloading ...) created by naif
This ticket is to enhance Tor Browser that today does not provide red …
8:36 AM Ticket #22808 (Always apply Do Not Track, and disable checkbox to prevent changing it.) created by cypherpunks
In current TBB, user can disable DNT by uncheck it. This will …
7:49 AM Ticket #22807 (Content Security Policy (CSP) header not implemented) created by cypherpunks
Mozilla Observatory reports that blog.torproject.org does not have a …
6:45 AM Ticket #22391 (Add torrc.d configuration directory on deb packages) closed by weasel
4:33 AM Ticket #22806 (http://blog.torproject.org/ should redirect to https) created by arma
[…] Shouldn't it instead be redirecting me to the https version of …
4:12 AM Ticket #22805 (Remove or_circuit_t.is_first_hop, because it's not accurate any more) created by teor
Tor relays set or_circuit_t.is_first_hop when a client uses …
2:13 AM doc/TorBrowser/Sandbox/Linux edited by yawning
Add a note about the unexpected multithreading warning. (diff)
12:36 AM doc/gsoc edited by phoul

Jul 3, 2017:

11:33 PM Ticket #20975 (Tor Browser fails to launch after update(?)) reopened by yawning
Well, this happens since I hit it going from 7.0.1 to 7.0.2, I'm not …
10:30 PM Ticket #22212 ([warn] channelpadding_compute_time_until_pad_for_netflow(): Bug: ...) reopened by teor
Replying to toralf: > {{{ > Jul 03 20:51:39.000 [notice] …
8:40 PM Ticket #22804 (Refactor circuit_send_next_onionskin() to be less horribly large) created by nickm
There are three big sections to the abovementioned function: "CREATE", …
7:53 PM Ticket #22803 (Memory leak in link-handshake/certs_ok_ed25519) created by nickm
================================================================= …
6:28 PM doc/stem edited by atagar
Removing page. Trac deletions are irreversable so just gonna blank it … (diff)
6:19 PM doc/stem edited by atagar
Drop workaround section. Removed the only thing listed here, and this … (diff)
5:37 PM org/teams/NetworkTeam/TeamRotations edited by asn
3:18 PM TROVE edited by nickm
3:12 PM Ticket #22802 (Avoid use of "0" with tor_parse_foo()) created by nickm
The tor_parse_long() functions and family can behave a little …
2:52 PM Ticket #22801 (Warnings from isnan, isinfinite, signbit on mingw) created by nickm
We're seeing these on jenkins. They're somewhat annoying. I have a …
1:22 PM Ticket #22800 (Upgrade libraries to new Debian stable) closed by karsten
implemented: Merged. Thanks for looking! Closing.
1:09 PM org/teams/NetworkTeam/TeamRotations edited by dgoulet
Cleanup a bit (diff)
1:07 PM Ticket #22791 (Prop 224 encrypted public key) closed by dgoulet
invalid: There seems to be many confusion here. The HS-DESC-FIRST-LAYER is …
12:13 PM Ticket #21097 (try open https://abcnews.go.com/ not work) closed by cypherpunks
fixed: This has been fixed (version 5.2.18).
9:50 AM org/teams/MetricsTeam edited by karsten
Make a first attempt at evaluating OKRs (diff)
8:21 AM Ticket #22800 (Upgrade libraries to new Debian stable) created by karsten
The new Debian stable is out, and we should upgrade our library …
8:09 AM Ticket #22799 (llvm.org now has HTTPS) created by teor
Hi, Please update your rulesets to make llvm.org use HTTPS: …
8:00 AM Ticket #22593 (Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript resources on all websites of the ...) closed by hiro
fixed: Sources are now minified.
6:40 AM Ticket #22687 (Please remove text from "Jobs" webpage) closed by hiro
fixed: Text was removed.
5:27 AM Ticket #22798 (Windows relay is several times slower than Linux relay) created by Vort
I have launched two relays: first one in native mode on Windows, …
5:26 AM Ticket #22797 (macOS should use ULIMIT_BUFFER for open files) created by teor
The workaround to use OPEN_MAX for open files doesn't subtract …
5:04 AM Ticket #22542 (Tor Browser 7.0 Security Settings Window too small on macOS 10.12) reopened by teor
This works for me using macOS 10.12.5 outside a VM (retina), but …
3:08 AM Ticket #22387 (Make unapproved comments visually different from approved comments) closed by arma
fixed: I'm going to close this one as good enough, since there's a clear word …
1:24 AM org/doc/ListOfServicesBlockingTor edited by cypherpunks
Add Burger King (diff)
12:09 AM Ticket #22796 (Default browser in Ubuntu doesn't work properly) created by macho.p
When I set tor as the default browser, and click on a link in another …

Jul 2, 2017:

10:36 PM Ticket #22795 (torrc has an optional final newline) created by teor
doc/torrc_format.txt says that every line has to have a linefeed: In …
2:10 PM Ticket #22794 (Don't open AF_INET/AF_INET6 sockets when AF_LOCAL is configured.) created by yawning
Discovered when trying to resolve #20775. Unsandboxed Tor Browser …
11:52 AM Ticket #22712 (AT-SPI: Could not obtain desktop path or name) closed by yawning
fixed: https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor-browser/sandboxed-tor-browser.git/com
11:46 AM Ticket #22793 (Printing does not work under specific circumstances with Tor Browser) created by Td8F
Printing freezes the browser (all tabs) and does not print under the …
11:43 AM Ticket #22712 (AT-SPI: Could not obtain desktop path or name) reopened by yawning
After rethinking this, I'll suppress the error if it's that easy to do.
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