This page exists to list...

  • All the platforms Tor has been made to run on
  • The performance on that hardware (throughput, cpu, ram, max connections, crypto acceleration, cost, etc)

Minimum required info is table of...

  • Make, Model, CPU, Firmware, RAM, and OS revision
  • Respective bandwidth passed through Tor, preferably in a relay role

It is suggested to list each single model, with any [multiple] descriptive sections below each one based on environment, tests, etc. With hardware architecture notes and limitations where applicable. Broken out to separate pages for specific setup instructions. And a final summary table section of the formal maximum reached from those in a well connected and developed relay role.

This includes all available platforms... Desktop (AMD, Intel, SPARC, ...), Mobile (ARM, Phone), Boards / USB (Pi, Beagle, Intel Stick), FPGA, etc.

Links to other pages, parts of which should eventually be imported here...

Have fun with this page!

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