2012 Summer Dev Meeting

Our meeting is done. Please see our Notes page for information on discussions, and for those absent please consider attending the next one'''


A meeting of the core tor developers and invited guests to discuss the plan, milestones, and deadlines for 2012.


Università degli Studi di Firenze, Florence, Italy. Our meeting will be in the Centro Didattico Morgagni Building, Room 121, First Floor. The address is Viale Morgagni 40 Florence, Italy.


The hotel that we are staying in is the Hotel Cellai, Via 27 Aprile 14, 52r, Florence, 50129 Italy

Train: (S.M.N. station) to Hotel

taxi fare from train station to the Hotel is around €8.00.

Airport (FLR) to Hotel

Florence Airport to the hotel is around 15 minutes and costs around €20.00

Hotel to University

We have secured a shuttle service that will take us from the Hotel Cellai to the University Building where our meeting is located. Shuttle leaves at 09:30 from hotel to university. Shuttle leaves at 17:30 from university to hotel.


July 2-4, 2012


Person Attending (Y|N) Arriving Departing Daytrip/Excursion (TBD) Attending PETS (Y|N)
Nadim N
Andrew Y June 30 July 9 Y Y
Roger Y Jul 1 July 7 Y depending on TBD Y
Nick Y Jul 1 prefer Jul 9; Jul 7 is ok (depending on florence->vigo travel) Y depending on TBD Y
Mike Y Jul 1 Jul 7 Y N
Steven Y July 1, 22:55 July 4, 18:05
Runa Y July 1, 12:50pm July 7, 6:05pm Y N
Jake Y July 1 (depending on florence->vigo travel) or July 15th (after PETS via OPO) Y Y
Karsten Y July 1 July 7 Y N
Sebastian N
Erinn Y Y Y
Karen Y
Paul N
Wendy Y Jul 1 July 6 Y in Florence Y
Melissa Y
June 29
July 5 Y
Damian N
Arturo Y Y
Linus Y Jul 1 depending on ->Vigo travel Y Y
George Y Jul 1 July 9 Y Y
Sina N
Aaron Y July 1 July 7 Y
Rob Y July 1 July 7 Y depending on TBD Y
Marco Y (part-time) live there
weasel (Peter) Y July 1, 1540@FirenzeSMN July 7th/9th Y depending on TBD n
Vmon Y July 1 July 6 Y
Zack Weinberg Y July 2 18:00 July 7 presumably Y if possible Y
David Fifield Y July 1 14:00 July 8 Y
lunar Y July 1 July 7 Y depending on TBD N
trams (andreas) Y July 1 July 6
isis Y July 1 July 10 Y No, but I'll come hack at the friend's house, if that's ok with them
Moritz Y July 1 06:18am July 6 21:37 Y Y
Subkhir Y
Tariq Y Y
Ondrej Mikle Y July 1, 16:05 July 6, 16:05 Y depending on TBD N
Sathya Y July 1 18:35 July 8 11:25 Y N
Shondoit Y July 1, 12:00 July 7, 17:15 N
Andrea (athena) Y July 1, 22:40 July 8, 12:55 Y depending on TBD N
phw (philipp) Y July 1 11:45am Maybe July 8 Y Y
maker Y N
ariyana Y 2 July, 16:00 6 July, 16:00 Y depending on TBD N
naif Y 5 July, 12:00 8 July, 11:30 Y N


July 2-4 are meeting days.

July 5-6 are hackfest days.

July 2:

10:00 Welcome

  • the business of tor
  • Q&A with Andrew

11:00 Session

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Sponsor I kick-off

15:00 Sponsor J kick-off

16:00 Product vs. Research Tug-of-war

18:00 Done

July 3:

10:00 Session

18:00 Done

July 4:

Open day. We have the room, but nothing formal scheduled. Some are doing a day trip to Pisa and the Italian coast.

July 5:

10:00 - 18:00 Hackfest Day One

July 6:

10:00 - 18:00 Hackfest Day Two

From July 7th onward, a few of us are attending PETS and traveling by rail or flight as described on the PETSpedition page.

Activities on Wednesday, 4 July

Stay in Florence

Steven will need to leave for the airport about 4pm, so will stay around in Florence hacking and/or sighseeing near the hotel

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