Initial stab at a huge tasklist for the SponsorR project.

The tasks were picked from the [tor-dev] thread:

For now these are just all the ideas that were expressed. Not the actual tasklist.

  1. Safe statistics collection
    • More research on obfuscation techniques for collecting statistics
    • Collect additional statistics after security analysis.
    • Create Privex-like statistics collection system
    • Write tech report about all HS statistics and figure out which ones to do [HALF DONE]
  1. Tor controller API improvements
  1. Performance improvements
    • Improve HS circuit establishment performance
      • #8239 Hidden services should try harder to reuse their old intro points
      • #3733 Tor should abandon rendezvous circuits that cause a client request to time out
      • #13222: Clients accessing a hidden service can establish their rend point in parallel to fetching the hsdesc
      • #13239: Maybe we want three preemptive internal circs for hidden services?
      • Can we make unsuccessful rendezvous connections less of a burden on the network?
    • Gather stats and benchmarks from privnets (#13792, #13208, #13209) [IN PROGRESS]
    • Profile/benchmark busy HSes to find chokepoints (see #8902)
    • Document best practices for crawlers so that they are fast and don't fuck the network
    • Further develop tor2web mode.
    • Examine magic numbers and constants of HSes, document them and improve them (tech report)
      • #8950 (number of IPs), number of HSDirs, etc.
    • ed25519/crypto performance improvements (are HSes CPU bound?)
    • Scaling HSes:
  1. Opt-in HS indexing service
  1. Better understanding of HSes (new category)
  1. sources
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