Please see org/team/NetworkTeam/TicketTriage for background and full explanation.

Here are our ticket triage queries for 0.3.5:

Items on the 0.3.5 roadmap, and their subtickets

Items marked as 035-roadmap-proposed

Items in 0.3.5 marked as 035-must. These should additionally be labelled as "security", "regression", or "crash".

Items in 0.3.5 labeled as "fast-fix". All of these are supposed to have owners; please don't mark something fast-fix unless you agree to fix it.

Items in 0.3.5 slated for removal because they do not belong in the other categories above.

Next steps:

1) Make sure that all must-fix issues are tagged (Keywords) with 035-must and one or more of the following:

security crash regression

2) For every issue that is very very fast to fix, if you believe that you will fix it and need less than 1 hour to do so, mark it fast-fix and assign it to yourself. (If it is worth fixing, and it will take less than an hour, and you will _not_ do it yourself, convince somebody else to take it on.)

3) If there are high-impact issues that are not yet marked, which you believe should be fixed in 0.3.5, you need to get them on the roadmap. Mark them as 035-roadmap-proposed. We should discuss this list regularly at the network team weekly meeting.

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