People want to:

  • Start Tor Browser Bundle. Close Tor Browser for various reasons 1, leave Tor and/or Vidalia running for various reasons 2 and restart Tor Browser later. (#6023) (Tor FAQ) (#6090)
  • Start only Vidalia/Tor, but do not start Tor Browser.
  • Thunderbird with TorBirdy wants to use Tor/Vidalia from the bundle or a locally installed Tor/Vidalia. TorBirdy also depends on privoxy.
  • Tor IM Bundle (blog) want to use Tor/Vidalia form the bundle or a locally installed Tor/Vidalia.
  • Ubuntu users (and probable other deb based distributions) want to 'apt-get install tor vidalia torbrowser' from repository (#5236)
  • Debian users want to 'apt-get install tor vidalia torbrowser' from Debian repository (#3994)
  • Start Tor Browser with command line arguments supported by Firefox, such as open an extra tab. (#6053)
  • Reopen Tor Browser from Vidalia. (#6090) (#5693)
  • Subsequently also reopen Tor-IM from Vidalia.
  • Developers want to make their portable Tor Bundle packages. For example: BitCoin, OperaTor, torchat, [pidgin-torchat, jtorchat. But (some/most) of that projects would like to play well with a locally installed Tor/Vidalia as well.
  • Tails (has their own Tor/Vidala integration) wants to use Tor Browser. (Tails todo)
  • Use Tor Browser behind transparent or isolating proxies. (#5611)
  • Tell Vidalia, they want to avoid connecting to the public Tor network. (#2905)
  • To use environment variable TOR_TRANSPROXY=1. (#6254) (#5658)
  • Have a handshake protocol between Vidalia, Tor Browser, Tor, Tor Router. (#5658)
  • Use environment variables for configuring. (#5611) Example:
    TB_NO_PROXY=;;... (ports ignored)
    TB_RECOMMEND=1 (set back recommend default proxy settings)
  • Stream isolate Tor Browser, Tor IM, Thunderbird with TorBirdy and third party applications. (#6359) Due to lack of SocksAuth support in Firefox and Thunderbird, this requires using multiple Tor SocksPorts.
  • Use multiple instances of Tor Browser at the same time.
  • Independently run Firefox (non-Tor) and Tor Browser (Tor) at the same time.
  • Application developers (torchat, BitCoin) want to have hidden service as incoming address for their application.

1 1. Safe RAM, 2. Restart in case of a bug, 3. revert to a clean state (things Tor Button does not implement yet to clean up with switch identity feature)
2 1. To speed up the startup process of Tor Browser, 2. to use the running Tor instance for other torified applications

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